What is Facebook Marketing ?

Its Advantages and Main Challenges

Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) is always very beneficial for businesses. whether it is small business or big. Since its launch in 2004, FB has been embraced by people very positively. And this thing gives many businesses the opportunity to attract their vast proportion of customers through Facebook marketing. But there are many challenges with the multiple advantages of Facebook ads. Today we will learn about the advantages and challenges of the same FB marketing here.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing (What is Facebook Marketing)

Undoubtedly (What is Facebook Marketing), FB is the largest player in social media with 2.41 billion user account. And of these, 241 million is from India only, which makes us its largest user base. This platform gives you multiple platforms for marketing in the form of pages, groups, and ads. FB page is one of the most popular ways to represent an individual or a business.

Average Time spend on Fb (What is Facebook Marketing)

One of the major advantages of FB is that at present time 80% of internet users use it. Even 65% of 65+ years adults. 80% of teens also check their FB feed first as soon as they wake up in the morning. And 96% of users access it on mobile. Now because of all these information you know that your maximum audience is mobile users, then you can curate your content accordingly and in that way your chances of gaining the attention of your customers will also increase significantly.

It is Extremely Useful to increase Brand Awareness and Educate New Customers.

Facebook ads will significantly build your brand awareness. This is a very good way to tell people what you have to offer. The more people become familiar with your brand, the more chances there are that they will purchase your product at the time of taking the decision. Facebook advertising also helps a lot in your customer attribution. And this is also very important because every time your audience interacts with your business, the chances of them getting converted will increase as much.

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It can be used to target and Engage Potential Customers.

Facebook ads have a unique facility that allows you to target potential customers on the basis of demographics and interest. This enables you to retarget those customers who visited your site earlier, so that you can narrow your target audience effectively. Facebook advertising can boost your website traffic and it is more beneficial than other sources in many ways.

Advertisements on Facebook are highly targeted, cheap and fast and their results are also easily measurable.

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Facebook advertising is a most targeted form of advertising. You can advertise your business on the basis of age, interest, behavior and location in people. Along with this, Facebook advertising is quite fast, and it drives immediate results. You can reach thousands of people simultaneously in a single day, due to which it is also one of the cheapest form of advertisement.