I am not confused to choose a hosting from hosting provider because I know exactly what my website is what my website is about and what type of wordpress hosting my website is needed. To help in choosing a best wordpress hosting for your website this is the perfect article for you guys. As you read the title Top WordPress Hosting Provider.

I registered my Domain Name on siteground hosting and currently I use GoGeek plan because I have a lots of website and I need that type of hosting which is only e provide by siteground hosting.

So before going to further details if you are looking for or best wordpress hosting provider then this article will help you to choosing best wordpress hosting provider for your website.

Best WordPress Hosting Provider 2021

1. SiteGround Hosting

siteground review by riyue

SiteGround WordPress Hosting is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider all over the world. The SiteGround WordPress Hosting give you exactly what you want. But if you have a single website and currently you have a very less budget then this is not for you guys later if you want a Best WordPress Hosting Provider then you can choose a siteground wordpress hosting.

This is also have a reason because it is a very expensive not very expensive but it is the out of your budget if you are beginner because it having a$200 budget need it starting.

SiteGround Hosting is give you the premium features like free SSL certificate, unlimited business email accounts, no limits on using storage and, you can use multiple website on single plan.

2. A2hosting

A2hosting hosting is the second most popular hosting platform in all over the world.

a2hosting reviews by riyue

A2 hosting is the best WordPress hosting provider in last couple of times. It having opinion features like 100gb is the starting SSD storage of the basic wordpress plan. apart from it it give you the money back guarantee that’s means if you not satisfy the hosting services provided by the A2 hosting provider then you can Get a money back from A2 hosting provider.

Apart from it A2 hosting is also known as for best fast speed wordpress hosting provider at the same time their customer support by emails by chatbots by phones are really nice.

3. Bluehost Hosting

bluehost reviews by riyue

Third and last most fast and optimised best wordpress hosting provider is bluehost. It is the oldest and modern we can say. If you’re talking about the features from bluehost you can check the premium features on their website.

Factors Consider Before Select Any Hosting Provider


Storage is a required features before choosing any hosting provider. it beginning if you are new in this field then you need to know how much storage you want that’s means how much space or memory need to store your data bi aur website.

Now Qestion is in your mind like how we know how much memory data please consume your website.


Speed is a almost Must And Required Thing. If your website is slow that’s means if you are post or pages of your website is loading slowly that means your WordPress hosting provider has low speed.

speed is the main thing because whenever a visitor visit your website and your website is loading and taking a more than 10 second to load your content then visitor leave your website and go on another website that means visitor does not like your website because visitor that does not see see your content so the Speed is must and necessary thing.

Brands With Value

Hosting providers like siteground, bluehost, and A2hosting they are very well known and popular hosting provider from all over the world that’s why people choosing them. If you are choosing hosting provider on the basis of the provide Hosting in a very less price that doesn’t mean your hosting is good. Try to to choose always best hosting provider. For this you don’t need to go anywhere just look at our article in the beginning of this post which is based on Best WordPress Hosting Provider.

Good Customer Support

this is the main and mastering before choosing any hosting provider because if the customer support from the hosting provider is not good then you always struggling in the blogging journey.

because you don’t know at any point you always need a consultant or assistant help from the hosting provider so select always hosting provider who have really good customer support like 24 hours.

SSL & User Friendly C-panel

the meaning of user friendly c panel is when you access your hosting provider platform or you need to change any changing in website like you want to create a subdomain, you need to access file manager whatever if the user friendly C panel is there then you can help you lot of things.

SSL certificate is the the secure server certificate which is used for protecting your website or that’s means it’s showing the the property of of the website whether is trusted or not so always choose the hosting provider which is give you the the free SSL on choosing hosting for your website.